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lets we forget

What is Anzac Day to me.
Anzac Day is just not another day, it is a day to remember the bold diggers who fought for us. They are gone but they are still in our hearts. Many years ago the digger scattered along the rocky Anzac Cove even though many made it alive, many died. That’s why we don’t forget the diggers who gave courage, bravery and friendship.image

Term two goal

In our lives we have ups and downs so that’s why it’s good to have a  goal. There is a long-term goal and a short-term goal. A long term goal might take you about one term. A short term goal might take you a week or two.

My long term reading goal is to read fluently. I can tell by reading to someone and when I think I’m  finished my reading goal  I will read to them and see if I have improved. My short term reading goal is to make  inferences. I can tell by reading to someone at the start and then when I think I’ve finished  I’ll read  to them and see if I have  improved.

My short  term  maths goal is to learn my six times table. I can tell by  testing with my mum or dad and see if I know my sixes.

My long term maths goal is to be able to use a protractor.  I will be able to  measure an angle.

My short term learning behaviour goal is to always try my hardest I can tell by looking at my old work and see if inproved.

My long term learning behaviour goal is to put my hand up to speak. I can tell by  counting  how many times I do it.


The lighthouse challenge!

imageToday we did the lighthouse Challenge and it was challenging!

You had 100cm of sticky tape the lighthouse  had to be 1 metre tall (ours broke). It had to stand by it’s self just using new paper. Most group’s had 3 people but  we  had 2.Which ment it was harer. You had to whitstand the wind test(fan).We made the firt level and the lighthouse  didn’t move a bite.When we it got to the 2nd level I thourt  the L would fall but it still was standing.The 3rd level I was like it’s down for shore but it made it I was so happy.


image  This is what it looked liked before.

imageThis is how we worked together(ruby and Darcy)

My crazy camp out!

Man when you think there’s nothing on the weekend Dad yeld who want’s to go camping! I jump out of bed and replyed me me me me. Ok then go pack your bags.

I was hopping around my bed room and dad screamed Hurry up yep I said back to him. When we got there we looked for a camping place and we  saw a place and we didn’t resist it.

When we got there Jezza,Nathan, Dylan  and I went on the  motorbikes  is was awsome P.S I DIDN’T FALL OFF.

I had a amazing sausages and went to sleep.