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An Anzac Day book review

image An Anzac tale is a story about two boys named Wally and Roy. They might  sound funny but they are more then a tin a bully beef! These guys have no idea what they were in for. What they thought would be a  holiday it turns into a nightmare. Ruth Starke Greg Hoilfeld have made a story we will not forget.

Age- 8

I think the author is trying to say never give up.

lets we forget

What is Anzac Day to me.
Anzac Day is just not another day, it is a day to remember the bold diggers who fought for us. They are gone but they are still in our hearts. Many years ago the digger scattered along the rocky Anzac Cove even though many made it alive, many died. That’s why we don’t forget the diggers who gave courage, bravery and friendship.image