Today I read the book HMM… This book was about Preston the pig and Minster wolf, Minster wolf was a hungry wolf and he loved pigs to eat. Preston was suggesting ideas of a job so he could’ve money for food. Minster wolf didn’t listen. The only thing on his mind was Preston. At the end the wolf was going to eat Preston but Preston said ” not in this story” (the three little pigs)

The theme: Don’t be a sucker and life and don’t trust author people to do everything for you or they mite turn on you


What colour is yours

Have you ever gone to the toilet and had a look down? Well what colour was your urine
My presentation was why do we need water I explained between that 12:00 to 1:15. It was lots of fun sharing what I know about this subject. But the hard thing was, I think I said what I know about water that much I think I’m becoming a big plonk of water.
If you are wondering what the heading has to do with this it’s because you Urine changers colours if you are dehydrated.
But if I had to rate the day I would give it 10 out of 10. Because when the parents come around and they committed on your presentation and it was exciting.


Showing my amazing work to me

Hi Darcy,

What I did in my three way conference I showed my paper plane investigation and my writers note on football poster. To show evidence on my paper plane investigation I showed our mum our maths book.

I think I was not nervous and calm. And I was clam and really happy with my work

Next time I mite need to be quicker with my time.

Thank you me for benign an amazing listening to our amazing work.

Old man yarn

The year 5 all did a yarn this term this is mine. I did sir Joseph banks and he was a botanist. I liked how we got to make the language olden days but I didn’t really like how it’s was a bit wired in character.

I’m can and I will

The last few weeks we have been practicing for nap plan. We have made a persuasive writing ,maths sheets and spelling .

I’ve noticed that I was not very good at putting shapes together to make one shape.

In the the next week to help me to know my shapes when I look at something odd I could try and say the shape. Maths is fun or maths online.


Yesterday the whole school went into there house colours. I was in lee that is the red, Devlin is Blue, Galloway is yellow, and hust is green. Hust came 4th they sang centuries, Galloway can 3rd they sang history.then it came down to lee or Devlin.2nd was ………………………………… Devlin(they sang my house).So lee came first. I was so happy that the 2nd time we have won 2 times in a row(we sang rather be)Even though we won I think that Devlin should of won