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Me in a minute average

As you know we have been doing me in a minute we calculated the class mean median and mode for our results. We have had 3 goes at this and as I will show you what we our average at the start and to our last go for the class.  For balls in a target was only 9.10 and how’s its 20.58. With star jumps our average was 75.58 now it’s 86.5 that almost 10 more than at the start. The only one that went down was squats we dropped down 4.

Me in a minute

Last Monday we had to do me in a minute it’s when we have to do physical activity like push ups , sit ups and some other activities, in one minute. We are doing it for our fitness and we can make some graphs and averages. I was really surprised I did 19 push ups and 30 burpees. My goal is to get 25 push ups next time also get more skips. The way I’ll try and beat 25 push is by putting a timer on one minute and hopefully see a improvement.

You got to be cereal

In the last few weeks we have been doing a biography/cereal box. On the outside of the cereal box we had to have information about the person I did James Leslie Darcy. In the inside of the box you had to put your biography in there and made some thing that represents that person. Overall I really enjoyed this project because I could chose what your would like to do and go your own way. But next time I will screenshot pages so I don’t forget what the website was called.