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About me

My name is Darcy. I really like playing football with my mates and I also play cricket, basketball. Last year in my relay we did Really well. I have 4 members in my family,a dog pet yabbies,chickens and birds. I’m a house captain at my school. I’ve broken 5 bones. Twice playing football and the other time I was on the trampoline. When I’m older I really want to go around the word and own a company. I do not like tomatoes and sharks.

I came to dance

In the last term we have been learning a dance to perform at school last night the whole school went to a dance concert. Each class performed a dance.

The first thing we had to do was choosing a song we ended up having Dynamite by Taio Cruz . After that we had to choreograph the dance. We got most of our moves of just dance 3 but at the end we made the moves up. We practiced for ages we made lot’s of errors. At the end of dance we had tricks, the people that did it were

At the start of the concert I was really nervous but when I was on stage I was fine. After I was really relieved that I had done it.


The year 5s all made a book for our buddy’s we had to write it on our iPads then edited. After that we printed them and pasted them on the books. Also had to draw on each page( it took a long time up to 5 weeks). In a few days we will give our buddy’s the book. I like how we could write this book about anything and we are published it. Next time I would try and do everything in one shot I had lots of attempt.


Have you realised that it’s getting warming

Today CERI come to our class and she is a meteorologist. What meteorologist do is that they find the atmosphere and what is going on with climate change. She told us s much things about climate change

Some things that I did not no before she come was 97% of scientists agree that climate change is real and it is now a problem. Humans are the main and big factor cause of co2 in the atmosphere. There are a number at gases that impact on our atmosphere.
Global warming and climate change is happening and it’s real. The proof of climate change includes photos,graphs data, ice caps meting, ocean warming and higher and glaciers running. When you are going to wear something 1 or 2 degrees is not much but it has a huge affect plants and animals. Farming and raising cattle contributes high levels of methane to the atmosphere.

So next time you see a light your not in a room and the light is on turn it off and small things like that can make a difference.