You got to be cereal

In the last few weeks we have been doing a biography/cereal box. On the outside of the cereal box we had to have information about the person I did James Leslie Darcy. In the inside of the box you had to put your biography in there and made some thing that represents that person. Overall I really enjoyed this project because I could chose what your would like to do and go your own way. But next time I will screenshot pages so I don’t forget what the website was called.





  1. Hey Darc
    I learnt that he never got knowcked out in his boxing career and only lost 4 professional fights. He died from blood poisoning. Maybe you could add more objects that we can touch like a boxing glove or a mini ring.
    From James

  2. Hey Darcy,
    I really liked James Leslie Darcy’s info box! I learned that he never got knocked out and lost 4 professional fights. Where did you get your info from?
    From Ruby

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