Do you wast water

Today my class split up into groups and talked about is having a lunch box sustainable. In my group I have myself Jarrod and Lauren. We read a text and then. Had to write down what we leant. I learnt that having a lunch box and used plastic containers is sustainable.
After that we went to court. Each group had there own arguments. I learnt that in one part of the Pacific Ocean all the currents made one big pile of rubbish. I think that I will do differently is make sure I put my rubbish in the bin.




  1. Hey Darcy,
    I really liked what your blog post was about!!! Although there was definitely a few spelling mistakes and also sometimes it didn’t make sense, but that is okay, it was easy to follow.
    Kind regards Ruby

  2. Hey Darcy,

    Your post is ummmm alright I’m just joking it’s great. You put so much detail now I will use a lunch box allot. I can’t believe that there is something made of rubbish in our neighbouring ocean let’s fix it.

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